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Book Chapters 

Devlin, M. & McKay, J. (2019). A ‘Critical Factor’: Facilitating the success of students from Low Socioeconomic Status Backgrounds at Australian Regional Universities through Technology. In Hoffman, J., Blessinger, P. & Makhana, M. (eds.), Strategies for Facilitating Inclusive Campuses in Higher Education: International Perspectives on Equity and Inclusion, Innovations in Higher Education. pp 131-144., ISBN: 978-1-78756-065-9

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Refereed journal articles

Devlin, M., Zhang, L-C., Edwards, D., Withers, G. McMillan, J., Vernon, L. & Trinidad, S. (2022). The costs of, and economies of scale in, supporting students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds in Australian higher educationHigher Education Research and Development. 

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