Beating the Odds: A practical guide to navigating sexism in Australian universities


This humorous book about a serious topic will help women learn to beat the current odds for their university career success and achieve their full potential. Marcia Devlin’s tough, funny and practical guide to kicking the system in the butt will give women who read it an unfair advantage and help them fight the odds and win.


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What are women in academia to do while they wait over 100* years for gender parity? 

The answer: learn to beat the current odds and achieve your full potential despite it all. 

Marcia Devlin’s tough, funny and practical guide to kicking the system in the butt will give you an unfair advantage and help you fight back and win.

Devlin has climbed the ladder in one of the toughest environments: the hierarchical university sector. She tells it like it is and it’s not good. Men hold 75 percent of senior university roles. And this figure is not shifting. While her book addresses success in the academic setting, its advice will be relevant to many professional women.

In a book that is both a call to arms and a roadmap to success, Devlin draws on her own experiences and those of hundreds of women, many of whom she has mentored, to reveal the attitudes, tactics and frameworks that have proved successful against the odds. 

Reading Beating the Odds, you will:

• identify exactly how and why sexism is holding your career back 

• learn how to plan in ways that mitigate the odds stacked against you 

• respond to sexist tactics such as being interrupted, spoken over and having your ideas stolen

• become bad at housework at home and at work 

• use the time, energy and goodwill you save by being bad at housework for your advancement

• harness your anger in constructive ways 

• laugh in the face of the system that tries to hold you back. 

In her clarion call to Australian women, Devlin seeks to undermine the sexist way universities operate and start a national revolution towards gender equality in our intellectual seats of power. 

*According to the World Economic Forum 2020.

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