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I write, publish and speak about a lot of things, but in the main about university and tertiary education, leadership and things that annoy me. For example, all male lineups at conferences (sorry fellas, here I go, you may want of make a cup of tea and come back, I won’t take long and I am REPEATING myself). Or worse, all male lineups at conferences with a token female or two. Because that always tricks folk into thinking there’s gender balance.

This is my first website where a specialised technician-y person hasn’t set it up for me. My partner is a specialised technician-y person but it’s like being married to a plumber…he’s busy with other people’s websites and hasn’t got time for me/mine. The mistakes are all mine – feel free to point them out. Or come over to my house and fix them.

Please leave a comment on any of my posts if you feel so inclined.