Hello. This is the website of Dr Marcia Devlin, Age columnist, Adjunct Professor, commentator, writer, author, public speaker and consultant.


I write, publish and speak about a lot of things, but in the main about university and tertiary education and things that annoy me. For example, all male lineups at conferences (sorry fellas, here I go, you may want of make a cup of tea and come back, I won’t take long and I am REPEATING myself).

Or worse, all male lineups at conferences with a token female or two. Coz that always tricks us girls into thinking there’s gender balance. That’s the kind of thing that annoys me.  And that’s also why I’m listed on the NoChicksNoExcuses site: http://nochicksnoexcuses.com.au/

This is my first website where a specialised technician-y person hasn’t set it up for me. My partner is a specialised technician-y person but it’s like being married to a plumber…he’s busy with other people’s websites and hasn’t got time for me/mine. Plus I am a terrible student when he’s the teacher (and vice versa). So be patient with me as I find my way through Onlineland all by myself.